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The all-in-one real estate platform for startups
Create your free request to unlock the opportunity for real estate professionals to offer you tailored office spaces with pricing details upfront. Join today to find your dream office.
It's office of Gusto created by Gensler. We are just in love with this space.
For startups
We are saving for you ~60 hours from month by cutting off calls, meetings, and emails from the process of finding and setting up your new office.
Create free request for your dream space
We designed and build a world-class process to compile your request and discover better options for your company's next home.
Get offers matched with your request
We use machine learning algorithms to predict what office space will be the best fit for your company. Thousands of real estate professionals will offer their top properties to exceed your expectations. *They don't see your contacts, just your request.
Book tours, provide feedback & ask questions in one place
In your personal dashboard you are in power. Every offer can be reviewed by you and your feedback will influence next offerings. So in 3-4 iterations you will find your dream space. And yes, you can easily ask questions and book showings. It just works and that's amazing.
Our mission is to connect companies with the right spaces:
for people to create, for culture to thrive.

For brokers
We've created an efficient and easy-to-use web platform to give you the ability to find and work directly with qualified clients requests right on the ROUND platform.
Tailored to your skills
Take in work requests with your specialization
Get feedback
Receive feedback on your offers online and adjust next offers, based on the information received directly from the client.
Answer once
Answer questions about the property once for all future clients (FAQ for your space).
Off-market friendly
Offer exclusive properties, because no one but the client will see it.
Be personal on scale
Offer same property with personalized comments for each individual request.
Talk to us
Each broker can contact our team and tell what functions ROUND platform lacks or what's wrong.
Let's connect!
Just send us your email and we'll set up a tour for you.
It's free and don't even require a registration.
Office space marketplace for startups.
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